Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well, that was April. No matter how much certain days may have dragged along, the weeks and ultimately the entire month ended up as just one big blur. The first two weeks of April I was out of school for Easter break, most of which I spent sightseeing and chilling out with some friends from Belgian school. April first is "poisson d'avril," a slightly more specific version of April fool's day in which you try to stick a paper fish to people's backs. The weather was actually for the most part pretty nice, and there were a couple of days where you could almost say I tanned. Between school, Wednesday afternoons in the carre, weekend travels/sleepovers, and a brief visit from my mother on her way through Belgium, nearly the entire month has already been filled up. It's so weird to think that I really only have two more before I go home; if they pass anything like this month did I'm in trouble... I'm not ready to leave! I have a brief pause to breathe this weekend thanks to the "fete de travail," on April 1st. I was trying and failing to remember the American equivalent (I know it's not called worker's day, but I don't think it's that far off either) so am hoping someone will help me out here and remind me. My school, like a lot of schools in Belgium not, apparently, including my host brother's school (poor thing) is giving Monday off to the students as well to have a 4-day weekend. May, it seems, is full of days off: this, ascension, pentacost... So the number of days of school left is much smaller than I thought. All the better for cramming in last-minute sightseeing and exchange-student-visiting before my return July 7th. But enough carrying on about the end being near (with all the 2012 hype I hear enough of it already). April was lovely; not, perhaps, the month I have the most to write about, but filled with speaking French and being in awe at the fact that I'm here and only a little complaining about the rain. I really will try to write more often in May! A la prochaine!