Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fin de la première période

I received my bulletin (report card) yesterday in a very large and official-looking document handed out to me by my class delegate, someone we apparently elected at the beginning of the year and whose job is to hand out papers to us.  Like many things here in Belgium (tests, assignment books, etc.) I have to get my parents' signatures and hand it back in as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, the school apparently thinks I'm only in five classes (despite my following all eleven) so I have to go around getting my teachers to write in my scores first.

There was a lot of comparing of grades, teasing of people failing easy classes (there is somebody in my class failing gym), jealousy of people with good scores, etc.  I didn't have any échecs, which are grades written in red, meaning you failed, in the classes that were on there, although I did have a 16/20 in English (what?), which made a lot of people in my English class (for example, my friend Cécile, who got a 17) feel good about themselves.

Only two more bulletins this year; it's amazing how time flies when you're... in school?

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  1. Can you tell me a little about the grading system? Is it true that you really had no clear idea how you were doing in your classes before you got the bulletin? What do who consider good grades? What would it take to get, say, a 19 in English? Etc etc... And if you could bring me one home... (insert big cheesy ingratiating smile here)