Monday, January 16, 2012

It's finally cold in Belgium!  Still no snow, but one can always hope.  Even though last year was apparently one of the snowiest ever in Liège (I have heard "horror stories" of people having to shovel *gasp* and walk through snowy streets), I have not seen any so far that has lasted more than 5 minutes on the ground.  In fact, this is apparently the warmest winter in recorded Belgian history (average 11.5˚ C).  I'm holding out for at least a dusting, although I'm worried that my finally buying a fancy (looking) Belgian coat will ensure warm weather for the rest of my stay.

Which brings me to the next exciting thing about janvier 2012 (deux mille douze, not twenty-twelve)... the SOLDES!  All throughout this month, as Belgian shop owners prepare for their spring lines (already), all the store are having giant sales.  This, so far, is ranging from -20% to -70%-20% (which I think makes -76%, but my math skills are getting a little shaky), and apparently the discounts get bigger and bigger throughout the month.  I already bought my jacket (25€) and a blouse (4€), and hopefully I can restrain myself from spending all my money on sales.

School is not really helping:  Today, for example, I had two teachers (each with two hors of courses) absent today, so I had 4 hours at lunch, which I spent walking around stores with some girls in my class.  I didn't buy anything, but if this happens much more I'm not sure I won't.  It's still really bizarre for me not to have substitutes, and not always quite as nice as it sounds, but ah well.  I'm sure I'll get my fair share of classes this week.  I hope everyone else is having a slightly more satisfying school week so far.

À tantôt!!

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