Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Said an extra, final goodbye to Tess today with a trip to Maastricht with Andres, from Argentina.  The city was all decked out in red, yellow, and green because it was apparently Bob Marley's birthday last week, and even if we missed the festivities, it was fun to see all the decorations: flags, streamers, and even the bottom half of a sculpted swimmer (complete with flippers) sticking out of the road.
We did some walking and some picture-taking and some eating, but I was really glad to get to see Tess again.  And to get to... not make fun of, but, admire? ...her accent once more.  Andres and I had a good time with "movie" and "thirteen."  At least we didn't make her compare "beer" and "bear" (their sounding exactly the same never fails to be amusing, especially when the New Zealanders try to convince us they sound different).

We unfortunately had to get back pretty early: Andres because he's been a bit sick, Tess because she had to pack, and me because the auditions for the Cabaret were tonight and I had to be there for the rhétos medley.  We said goodbye at Guillemins (where they witched trains and I took the bus), and somehow avoided tears; although there may have been some red eyes on the respective rides home.

The audition went pretty well!  As hopeless as my group has been feeling, we finally had costumes and props and the correct music, and after a few hours of practice with the other numbers of the rhéto medley, we actually had a pretty good go.  The teachers judging us even said we had punch!  Even if it was super-delayed (about 2 1/2 hours) and was really nerve-wracking, it was a lot of fun and we have a pretty good chance of being in the Cabaret, I think.

Anyway, it's getting late here,
I'll just give you one last treasure before I call it a night:

Trying to be Kiwi <3

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  1. "Appreciate", that's what we do. We don't "make fun of" or "laugh at", we "appreciate"!