Friday, October 7, 2011

So I've finally experienced the "real" Belgian weather everyone's been telling me about.  After a sunny and warm September, this first week of October's damp cold was a bit of a surprise.  It's now slightly unpleasant to stand outside during the break, but also to stand inside because it's crowded and everyone is getting sick.  On the plus side though, I learned some new phrases for describing weather:  like in the States, in Belgium you can say that weather is rotten (pourri), and if it's pouring rain-- 'raining dogs and chats,' as it was described to me-- il drache.

The weather doesn't bother me as much as everyone seems to think it to (want it to?  I think their gray weather is almost a source of pride for the Belgians), so I've been having a pretty good week.  I got my tooth fixed on Tuesday, and felt really proud of myself for 1) going to the dentist by myself, and 2) going to the dentist in French.  Wednesday, since school gets out early (12:35), I was able to make it to Brussels for a 3:00 meeting with AFS.  It wasn't the best of conditions to visit Brussels as I didn't get a lot of time to see the city, but because I misread the train schedule (looked at the weekend schedule instead of the normal one), I thought I had to wait an hour or so to get home, so I walked around the streets near the train station.  I didn't want to get lost, so I didn't go too far, but I must have looked like I knew what I was doing because I even got one American tourist to ask me for directions.  (Apparently the fact that I was wearing an AFS backpack wasn't a big enough hint that I hadn't any clue.)

Yesterday, my class had two quizzes, and I impressed both teachers by taking them.  (I was handed the quiz, so I wasn't under the impression that they were optional.)  I did fine in biology, because the writing was straightforward and because I'd learned it last year, but the other, in French, was much more difficult.  In my defense, though, a lot of the questions were in reference to a play that my class had gone to see and that I hadn't (they hadn't bought a ticket for me because I switched in late).

Other than that, not terribly eventful over here.  There has been a foire (fair) in Liège this month, but the closest I've made it to going is eating the Lackmans (very thin waffles with syrup inside) that my brothers have been bringing home.  However I did make plans to visit this weekend with some girls in my class.  I anticipate it to be very full of hot, greasy food; in other words a great time.

À tout à l'heure!

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