Monday, October 17, 2011

Today was not my day for buses.  I woke up at 7:30, had my nice leisurely breakfast, then realized that the number on my clock was a 7 and not a 6.  I rushed to pack a lunch and run to the bus stop, where I had to take a bus that left an hour later than my normal one.  I got to school about 40 minutes late.  Fortunately for me, it makes literally no difference to the school whether you're 15 or 50 minutes late (less than that, you can still go to class; more than that, it counts as a full day of absence).  And what's more, the only thing I missed in my class was the end to a movie that wasn't even French to begin with.

The school day passed relatively uneventfully, but I had another bus mishap on the way home.  At the Place St-Lambert (main bus center in Liège), my bus home didn't stop at the normal stop, so I didn't see it until it was leaving.  In an effort to catch the soonest possible bus after that, I ended up getting on the number 75 instead of the number 175.  I had to take it all the way to the end of the line, the only other place the two buses both stop, then take the 175 back in the opposite direction.  I ended up getting home a couple hours late, but I was able to get a good start in a book my English teacher gave me to read (In the Country of Last Things, by Paul Auster-- kind of overly dark and dramatic for me, but intriguing all the same).

When I finally arrived, I had a brief nap before my little brother got home from fencing and wanted to play.  Fortunately he was tired as well, so none of our games required a lot of energy, and I even convinced him to help pick up his toys (it was mostly him standing around and doing small tasks when I asked him to, but I did feel pretty accomplished when he collected all the playing cards that were scattered around the room).

Well, I'm off to bed in an effort to not have a repeat of yesterday; if you're late too many times you lose your privilege to leave during lunch for a week.

Bonne nuit, à tantôt!

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