Monday, March 26, 2012

Enfin, le Printemps!

The first sunburn of the season can only mean one thing: that you took advantage of the lovely sunny weather to go lounge around in the park. 

I met up with a couple of AFS friends this afternoon (Miriam from Bolivia and Louis from Columbia) in Liège and we walked to the botanical gardins to profiter du soleil. We lay down in the flowers and took off our shoes and the two latinos sang songs in Spanish while I napped a little.  It was really a shame I hadn't brought my camera because everything was really so nice.

This spring so far has been a lot nicer than what I think of spring so far in Maine-- no mud season!  I can't necessarily tell if it's been a typical spring in Belgium, since all I've obtained from Belgians is that the weather here is n'importe quoi (anything and everything), but in order to keep my bright outlook on the country I'll say it is.  And since we finally had daylight savings time this weekend, it's light enough out when I walk to the bus in the mornings that I've been able to appreciate the flowers that are starting to pop up.  My host family has a big yellow bush in their yard that makes me think of my English teacher from the states-- forsythias blooming yet in Orono?

I just hope that the weather lasts through my two-week Easter vacation!  Sun makes everything so much nicer!

À la prochaine!


  1. No forsythia yet.....

  2. He's cutting some to bring in to the classroom in order to save them from the resurgence of March weather. :)

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