Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's been another week since I last posted.  Every time I sign in to write anything, I see all the updates from the other exchange student blogs I "followed" before I left and feel bad for not writing as often as they do.  But I haven't written in my journal all month, so you should all feel lucky.

I missed doing the musical this fall back in the states, although the preparations for the Cabaret have been pretty similar.  This would be what we called "Hell Week" back home, late nights of tech rehearsals, run-throughs, and last minute learning of the choreography.  Even though I only have one small group of people to worry about and there are no props or scene changes for anybody to get yelled at for not taking care of, I feel a lot more stressed by the Cabaret.  Mostly because it's all on me if someone messes up the blocking or choreography.  Fortunately rehearsals have been going pretty well (we did well enough Wednesday evening that we didn't have to come back Thursday... only the groups that needed a lot of help) and even if things don't go entirely smoothly, I think we'll look good.  The show goes up today, tomorrow, and Sunday afternoon, and even though there are no classes Monday, I have to go in and help clean up.  In other words, no sleep for me this weekend.  My host family might make fun of me a little for being tired (my host dad claims to have been able to stay up for days when he was my age, and finds it funny every time I want to go to bed early), but at least I'll know I've earned it :)


  1. Can you post video here? We'd love to see your show!