Sunday, March 11, 2012

So, who forgot I was doing the Cabaret?  Me, that's for one.  It's been a while since the auditions in February, so I hadn't thought a lot about it recently.  However, posters have been going up recently advertising the Cabaret at the end of next week, which has been helping me remember.  Additionally, since apparently we have evening rehearsals next week and won't have any time to study, all the teachers (or at least for the rhétos) have been asked not to give any tests that week.

In theory, this is a good idea, but none of the teachers like to lose any time, so they've just pushed everything up one week.  I have two tests in Math, one in English, French, Chemistry, Physics, and Geography.  I realize that my grades here don't actually count, so I could technically just blow everything off, but having not yet done my senior year I still feel obliged to work a little, especially for classes like Physics and Geography, for which I haven't already learned the material.  (And it sure rubs it in when the two boys from Rotary in my class, who have already finished their South American schools, make no effort to even look like they're paying attention.)

I have had a little time to study this weekend, though.  My little brother Constantin was at his grandmother's house, so I didn't have the constant requests to play toy soldiers or the Lego Pirates video game.  We had an AFS Liège activity yesterday morning: a visit to the Palais de Justice and the Palais des Princes Évèques (the seat of the regional government).  Even with going out to eat and to a movie with the other students, I got home by around five and was able to relax for the evening.  Plus, I had finally finished my photos from Camargue, so even with a new batch to go through, I felt like I had at least accomplished one thing.

I hope all is well in the rest of the world; Belgium has been nice and quiet this week (a good way to get back into my school schedule).

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